A Leadership Team That Helps You Succeed


Our High Zeta (officers) are elected every November, with each officer given specific responsibilities to ensure that our chapter is run efficiently and effectively. While we do have 13 zeta members, our entire chapter – comprised of actives and associates – are all expected to represent our core values and help us be truly ever-growing.

High Alpha:

Jack Moss

As High Alpha (President), Jack is in charge of the overall well-being of the chapter. Jack also serves our chapter with a position on our Executive Board.


High Beta:

James Akeman

As High Beta (Internal Vice President), James is responsible for maintaining brotherly love in the chapter. James also serves out chapter with a position on our Executive Board.


High Theta:

Nolan Briegel

As High Theta (External Vice President), Nolan is responsible for running our social platforms, philanthropies, and maintaining good public relationships for the chapter. Nolan serves SEMO IFC as a Justice on the Judicial Board. He also serves our chapter as Greek Week Co-Chair, Philanthropy Chair, & Webmaster.


High Gamma:

Nick Dietrich

As High Gamma (Secretary), Nick is responsible for keeping an organized schedule and ensuring every brother is well informed of all decisions made by the Executive Board and the High Zeta as well as all events happening around campus.


High Tau:

Jake Wesley

As High Tau (Treasurer), Jake is responsible for managing the finances and collecting dues for the chapter. Jake also serves our chapter with a position on our Executive Board. Wesley also has served the Grand High Zeta with a position on the student advisory board.


High Delta

Jake Meyer

As High Delta (Recruitment Chair), Jake is responsible for recruiting brothers into the chapter and identifying men on campus that represent the core values of Lambda Chi Alpha. Jake also serves our chapter as Social Media Chair and is our chapter’s Iota Chi Representative.


High Epsilon

Griffin Hackeloer

As High Epsilon (Social Chair), Griffin is responsible with for planning socials and events with other greek organizations on campus. Griffin also serves our chapter as Greek Week Co-Chair and Gentlemen’s Chair.


High Rho:

Noah Meppiel

As High Rho (Alumni Liaison), Noah is responsible for maintaining strong relations with our alumni.


High Sigma:

Joe Monke

As High Sigma (Scholastic), Joe is responsible for keeping track of grades and hosting study halls for our brothers so that our chapter maintains academic excellence. Joe also serves our chapter as House Manager.


High Phi:

Bennett Diffley

As High Phi (Ritualist), Bennett is responsible for conducting ritual for the chapter. Bennett also serves our chapter as Chaplain.


High Kappa:

Booker Grass

As High Kappa (Fraternal Educator), Booker is responsible for teaching associates the core values of Lambda Chi Alpha, while also ensuring actives stay true to the core values of the chapter.


High Iota:

Jagger Moore

As High Iota (Risk Manager), Jagger is responsible for keeping our brothers and our guest safe.



High Pi:

Chuck McAllister

As High Pi (Adviser), Chuck is responsible for overseeing the chapter and acts as a liaison between the university and the chapter. Chuck also serves our chapter with a position on our Executive Board.