Omega Members

Tad Satterfield (Delta-Phi 74)
Doug Gross (Delta-Phi 263)
Scott Wood (Delta-Phi 427)

Trevor Wood (Delta-Phi 462)

"Great and merciful God, our Heavenly Father, in reverent spirit we approach Thee to invoke Thy blessings on this assembly. Forgive our transgressions, and cleanse our hearts of all unrighteousness.  Grant Thy wisdom to our leaders, and guide us in all our deliberations and transactions that the true spirit of brotherhood may be manifest in our every thought, word and deed. Bless the brothers of our Bond wherever they may be, and deepen our love for each other, and quicken our sense of duty to Thee. To Thee, our Lord and God, be all honor, praise and glory, for ever and ever. Amen."

-Excerpt from the Open Rituals of Lambda Chi Alpha